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Our Industrial Services

Brockville Industry Repair ServicesMachining and Machine Building

We work to customer drawings to build assemblies or complete machines, including electrical panels, programming, hydraulic systems, testing, etc. Our in-house mechanical design service can offer a design-build approach to meet the client's requirement from concept to completion.

Fabrication and Welding

With our large maching capabilities, we effectively complete jobs that involve both fabricating and machining. We work with all metals and are familiar with many different paint systems and handle these finishing requirements as part of the scope of the project.

Our experience includes building such items as: Stacks, Ducting, Steel Processing Equipment, Slide Gates, Aluminum Railing Systems, Stairs and Platforms, Packaging and Materials Handling Equipment, Sewage Treatment Equipment, and others.

Motor Repair

Hewitt's large facility has the most up-to-date equipment and repair services in Eastern Ontario, working on all types and sizes of motors to 4000 hp and 4150 volt.

Our capabilities include 4160 volt testing, 15,000 lb. dynamic balancing, motor rewinding and 84" VPI system.

Mechanical Repair and Overhaul

We repair all types of rotating equipment, including: Pumps, Blowers, Gearboxes, Eddy Current Clutches, Tasc Drives, Valves (non steam), Air Locks, Fans, Packaging Equipment, Printing Equipment, etc.

On-Site Services

Our On-Site and Field Services team offer; Laser Alignment of machinery and rolls (up to 80 ft.), Vibration Analysis programs and On-Site Dynamic Balancing, Thermograohy, Surge Testing, Ultrasonic Air-Leak Surveys, Infra-Red Surveys, and others.


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