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Fabrication and Welding Services

Fabrication and Welding ServicesWith our large maching capabilities, we effectively complete jobs that involve both fabricating and machining. We work with all metals and are familiar with many different paint systems and handle these finishing requirements as part of the scope of the project.

Our experience includes building such items as: Stacks, Ducting, Steel Processing Equipment, Slide Gates, Aluminum Railing Systems, Stairs and Platforms, Packaging and Materials Handling Equipment, Sewage Treatment Equipment, and others.

We are involved in complex fabrications that include stress relieving, machining, and specialized painting requirements. Our structural division is certified to CSA 47.1 Division 2.1 (Steel) - C.W.B. Certified 47.2 Division 3 (Aluminum). We weld and repair items in carbon steel, hard plate, stainless, aluminum, hastelloy, titanium, etc.

Our welders are tested to T.S.S.A. carbon and stainless procedures and hold C.W.B. tickets.

Custom Fabrication Services

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